World of Warplanes 2.0.4      

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Release Date:   2018-10-03

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Reviewed on October 19, 2017

Some games never get the attention they deserve. If you've been playing video games for a bit, you probably have at least one favorite title about which no one else has ever heard. It was a good game, but the player base just wasn't there. This is as true with free to play games as it is with more traditional games. With a flooded marketplace and a few big players, there will always be games that just don't take off. One such game is World of Warplanes, a fine title that just never got the audience that it deserved.

Good Selection of Planes, Well-produced, Easy to Play

World of Warplanes is a "World Of" title, so there's not a lot of new ground broken here. You'll get a few planes, level up, customize your fleet, and generally pit yourself against other players. In time, you'll get some intimate knowledge of the types of warplanes that have been flown through history and even get a fair idea of the tactics they used. In the meantime, you'll probably spend a little bit of money on options upgrades and keep up with events in order to round out your fleet. It's a tried-and-true formula that continues to make the developers money.

So, what's good about World of Warplanes? Well, it definitely fills a niche - there aren't a lot of arcade-style dogfighters out there. There's a good selection of planes, an engaging XP grind, and everything feels reasonably well-produced. It's definitely a "World of..." title in terms of how it's put together, so if you like the others, you'd probably enjoy this one. It's nowhere near perfect, of course, but it feels reasonable for a free to play title. The game also feels remarkably easy to pick up and put down, something that's helpful for gamers without much free time.

Small Player Base, Mostly AI Competitors

The downside to this game is, admittedly, not necessarily a huge fault of the game itself. Simply put, there's not enough of a player base here to support the game. When you're playing PVP and more than half of the opposing force is filled with AI characters, you know that there's a problem. For whatever reason, this game just didn't take off like the company's other titles. The game is maintained and updated, of course, but it's a bit of a ghost town. If you were looking for truly competitive action, you came to the wrong place - this is the remains of a game that was.

Still a Nice Game to Check Out

If there were more players, this would be an easier game to recommend. It's nice to know that one company offers so many options for military combat, but it seems that splitting up the games might have been too much. There's plenty to love here, and you'll have a good time if you can get a full game, but the odds are against that happening. This is a fine game to check out and play around with, but know that you'll never get the experience that the designers really intended for you to have.

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Participate in epic air battles.